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Window Tint Training School

Kickcharge Your Window Tinting Business With Our 4 Day Window Tint Training School. Our Masterclass Will Ensure You're Ready To Begin Tinting By The End Of The Class. Get Certified Today!

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Window Tint Training School

Are you looking to start a new side business learning how to tint? Our 4 day window tinting training course is designed for just that. We'll teach you how to handcut, prep, install, and sale window tint. We'll also give guidance on how you can get started tinting out of your garage or car! Our company first started out of the back of my Nissan Sentra and quickly grew into a shop now offering multiple different services.
4 Days
Course Price
3rd Week of Every Month, From 9AM – 4PM

Join Us and Unlock the Door to a Rewarding and Prosperous Career in Window Tinting.

Part-Time or Full-Time
Window tinting offers a natural fit for any schedule. Whether you're thinking of diving in full-time or just looking for a side hustle, you can set your own pace and decide how much you want to earn.
No Shop, No Problem
Start your tinting journey right from your garage or with a mobile service. Our training equips you to excel in these flexible setups, ensuring low overhead. It's all about skill and hustle, not the location.
Course Details

Window Tint Training Course Curriculum

Introduction & Side Windows

Welcome & Orientation
Introduction to Cen Cal Tinting
Different Types of Window Tint
Slip Solutions
Going over Necessary Tools
Installation Methods: Two Staging vs Bottom Loading
Window Preparation
Cleaning and prepping techniques to ensure the cleanest installs
Recognizing and addressing common obstacles such as felt, glue, tight seals, etc.
Cutting Side Windows
How to cut side windows patterns
How to shrink side windows
Heat Shrinking Side Windows
How to two stage (install with panels on)
How to bottom load (install with panels off)
How to remove door panels
Introduction to installing

Side windows & quarter windows

Installing Side Windows
One Staging vs Two Staging
Installing with the two different methods
How to remove door panels & where to find tutorials
Continuation of hand Cutting, heat shrinking, prepping & deeper dive into installing
Quarter Windows
How to hand cut quarter windows
How to install quarter windows
Secret tips to making installing faster & easier
Secret tips to making installing faster & easier
Secret tips to making installing faster & easier
Sales & Pricing
Going over how to sell window film to customers
How to price each job to stay profitable
How to use a heat lamp to makes upsales much easier for ceramic films
Choosing the right film based on customer needs
Test Trainees on side and quarter windows prepping/installation
Test Trainees on understanding of window films and how to identify best product fitment for customer

Windshields & Ways to Generate Business

Dry shrinking
What's dry shrinking
How to make dry shrink solution
How to set up shrinking patterns
How to shrink windshields
Hand cutting & Prepping
How to cut out back window patterns
How to double shrink to prevent fingers
How to best prep windshields to reduce chances of contamination
Tools and techniques to reduce chances of damages
Installing windshields
How to prepare film for install such as rolling techniques
How to do after install touch-ups
Ways to get customers
How to come up with a business name and get a logo made
Social profiles we recommend setting up
Free ways to advertise for jobs
Channels that helped us grow to 6 figures

Final Test Day & Certification

Windshields (Recap)
Dry Shrinking
Hand Cutting
Sun strips & sun roofs
Hand Cutting
Test Trainees on their understanding on how to tint windshields, sun strips, and sun roofs.
Course Conclusion & Certification
Q&A session
Distribution of course completion certificates
Guidance on next steps and post-course support
A 6 figure skill

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Ongoing Support
Even after you complete our course, our commitment to you doesn't end. At Cen Cal Tinting, we offer continuous support to all our trainees, ensuring you have the guidance and resources needed to navigate the tinting industry successfully. Your triumph is our priority.
Your Avenue To Success
At Cen Cal Tinting, we go beyond just training. Our tailored course equips you with both tinting skills and business insights. Many have started their success journey with us, benefiting from our expert guidance and continuous support. Join us, where your ambition and our mentorship lead to undeniable success.

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Window Tint Training School

No need to struggle with countless online tutorials or waste months figuring things out. Our window tinting training course is designed to make you a pro in no time. With Cen Cal Tinting, you're not just learning—you're soaring ahead.

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