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Car Enthusiasts Delivering Quality and Excellence.

Born from a Love for Cars and a Desire for Perfection.

At CenCal, we are more than a team — we're a community of car enthusiasts. Every vehicle that enters our facility is treated with utmost care and attention, reflecting our commitment to quality and our pride in our work. We thrive on delivering results that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our greatest joy comes from seeing the smiles of our customers as they witness the transformation of their vehicle.

A note from the founder

After always being passionate about cars, I realized the joy that comes from them are not just from their power and speed, but from their aesthetic beauty and the individuality they can express. That's the 'why' behind CenCal - a business born from my passion for vehicles and a desire to give them the artistic and protective attention they deserve.

So, how do we translate this passion into reality? By embracing the craft with a perfectionist's eye and an enthusiast's heart. At CenCal, we treat every vehicle as a unique canvas. Our expert team combines advanced techniques with high-quality materials to deliver services such as Window Tinting, Paint Protection Film (PPF), Ceramic Coating, and Vehicle Wraps.

What you can expect from us is simple: an unwavering commitment to quality, a personalized approach, and results that elevate your vehicle's aesthetics and protection to new heights. We derive immense satisfaction from enhancing each vehicle's personality while ensuring its longevity.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the CenCal family and starting our journey together.

Best regards,

Daniel Macias
Founder, cencal

Certified installers

At CenCal, our commitment to quality extends beyond our services to the products we use. We meticulously source from only the most reputable suppliers, ensuring the materials we use meet the highest industry standards. Moreover, our team is certified to apply these exclusive products, guaranteeing not only an impeccable finish but also the longevity and integrity of your vehicle. Because in our pursuit of excellence, no detail is too small.

Tesla Model S outside in the sun

Take a look at our results.

Discover CenCal's craftsmanship in our Portfolio section. Here, you'll find tangible examples of our work across various car makes, illustrating the transformative power of our aesthetic and protection services. Explore, visualize, and understand how we can tailor our solutions for your vehicle.

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