Car Care 101: How to Fix Bad Window Tinting Jobs Effectively

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Being a car owner is highly beneficial because you can go anywhere without experiencing the woes of commuting, such as inconsistent schedules and cramped public transport. Because of this, everyone takes their time looking for the perfect vehicle. However, some cars are often lacking, especially in blocking the sun and UV rays, compromising the interior temperature. Luckily, window tints are available for this purpose.

Window tints are thin films applied to the car’s windows to reduce the amount of light that can pass through. While installing them is straightforward, the tricky part is aligning them with the windows because they're custom-made and require precision. Being careless during the installation can cause issues such as bubbling, peeling, and wrinkling. Few people know how to correct these issues, so we'll discuss them in this article.

Fixing a Bubbling Tint

While bubbling tint is an eyesore, it can be fixed. However, it's worth noting that bubbling is often expected and typically goes away in a few days. Despite this, the most common causes are moisture, heat, and poor installation. While you can press them down, chances are the problem will persist.

The best way to fix bubbling tint is to use a heat gun or hairdryer, as it's the most effective way to remove the bubbles. This can be done by placing the heat gun a few inches away from the window and slowly moving it over the bubbling area. This method should be done with caution, as applying too much heat can damage the tint.

Fixing a Peeling Tint

Peeling tint is often caused by poor installation, and it's one of the most challenging problems to fix. The tint will peel away from the window as the adhesive deteriorates. This issue can be corrected by using a razor blade to scrape off the existing tint and then reapplying a new one.

Fixing a Wrinkled Tint

Wrinkles are caused by air pockets trapped between the window and the tint. While this can be difficult to fix, you can use a few methods. First, use a heat gun or hairdryer to heat the tint and then press it down with a squeegee. You can also use a solution of water and soap to soften the tint and then press it down with the squeegee.

Hiring a Professional

If all else fails, you can always hire a professional to come and fix the wrinkles in your window tint. Professional window tint installers have experience and the right tools to help you get rid of wrinkles. They can advise how to maintain your tint so these issues will disappear.

They can also help you choose the right type of tint for your windows. Different types of tinting have their benefits, so it's vital to get the right one for your needs. In short, a professional can help you make the best decision for your car's windows.

How Long Does a Window Tint Last?

Window tint typically lasts for several years, depending on how it is maintained. If you take proper care of your tint, you can expect it to last up to 7 to 8 years. However, if the tint is not cared for properly, it can start to peel and fade much sooner.

The best way to maintain your window tint is to clean the windows with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. This is necessary because dirt and debris can scratch the tint and cause it to start to peel. Additionally, you must avoid using harsh chemicals on the tint because they can cause discoloration.

When storing your car, you should keep it away from direct sunlight because the windows will be exposed, and the heat and UV rays can damage the tint. Furthermore, if you need to drive in extreme weather conditions, you should use a sunshade to protect your tint from the sun’s rays.


Windows tints are a worthwhile investment because they protect your car from harsh UV rays, but only if they are correctly maintained. Because the tint is sensitive to environmental conditions, you must clean the windows regularly and avoid direct exposure to prolong their quality. With proper care, your window tint can last for years.

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