Reasons Why Your New Car Needs Paint Protection Film

Nothing compares to the excitement of picking up your brand-new car, buckling your seatbelt, turning the key, and driving it away from the dealership. But as soon as there is a scratch or dent, it quickly fades. 

Keeping your new automobile in your garage and not using it is not an option if you want to prevent damage. What steps can you take to protect your brand-new car?

The paint surface can be protected by using Paint Protection Film (PPF). PPF, sometimes known as Clear Bra, is a polyurethane film layer that is applied to the vehicle’s surface to act as a second skin.

It aims to keep the paint on your automobile in good condition by preventing oxidation, UV ray damage, and other impurities. It also safeguards the paint from rock chips, road debris, scratches, and door dings. 

It can even protect itself from injury from a chewing cow because of its incredibly effective top covering.

The paint protection film is the best thing you can use to shield your car from damage. In terms of protecting your car, paint protection film often performs better than anything. 

PPF often has a transparent appearance but can also feature eye-catching patterns with excellent quality and rich color tones.

The sections below show what makes paint protective film necessary.

Paint Protection Film Surpasses Any Ceramic Coating

A chemical known as a ceramic coating is applied to a car’s exterior to shield the paint from grime, scuffs, and stains. It won’t shield your brand-new car from dings, rock chips, or other harm.

The amount of protection offered by PPF is higher than that of these liquid polymer coatings. The key distinction is that these coatings offer considerably less physical protection while still being efficient against water and chemical contaminants.

PPF is a far more enduring option for shielding the paint and maintaining its attributes when your new car is exposed to road debris like rock chips. This is one of the main justifications cited by luxury car owners for why they believe their vehicles require paint protection film.

The Cost of Painting Correction Is Really High

The cost of paint correction is another compelling justification for purchasing automobile PPF, so whatever you can do to lower your likelihood of needing it is advantageous. 

After buying a new car, you don’t want to deal with peeling, chipping, scratches, or other abrasive markings and damage. If you drive a supercar or have bespoke paint, the cost of these repairs can reach hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If there is a way to prevent needless damage, you should do so since you want to maintain the impression that you possess a brand-new vehicle. Owners of luxury cars use paint protection film to shield their automobiles from harm.

PPF Helps Maintain Your Car’s Value

In addition to being shielded from debris, the car’s original paint is also shielded from UV rays, water stains, and the long-term effects of exposure to bird droppings, tree sap, and other impurities when PPF is applied to it. 

Your paint may fade as a result of all these contaminants, losing its gloss and appeal.

If you sell the car, a clear bra or another PPF coating will help the car maintain its color and shine and still look brand new. 

PPF is a far more enduring option for shielding the paint and maintaining its attributes when your new car is exposed to road debris like rock chips. This is only one of the reasons why paint protective film is necessary.


The paint protection film is an extremely beneficial investment for any new car owner. It protects against chips, scratches, and other types of damage; helps preserve the paint job; and keeps the car looking new for longer. 

The paint protection film is the perfect option if you want to preserve your investment and keep your car looking great.

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