RV Windows: Is It Possible to Tint Them?

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Spending time in varying climates that have some kind of warmth is something plenty of people enjoy. This becomes especially true when they're in rigs that have a pretty solid air conditioning system. However, aside from being the main source that is able to keep an RV cool amidst summer heat...that's pretty much the only viable option that comes with safety and privacy.

Thankfully, there's another option that's often overlooked: adding RV window tint to the vehicle's glass!

RV Window Tinting: Is It Legal?

Various states have varying laws when it comes to window tinting. Federal law, however, requires that at least 70% of visible light is allowed by drivers through the windshield as well as driver and passenger side windows. Depending on the state you're in, the law might be enforced on rear windows also. If any of the aforementioned windows have factory tint and adding more is being considered, the window needs to be tested for its existing visible light percentage (VLT) beforehand.

On the other hand, side view windows and non-windshield windows can be as dark as possible. There is no law restricting the tint on those.

RV Windows: Why Would Anyone Want To Tint Them?

If you're considering getting the windows of your RV tinted, a number of factors will be at play. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Glare Prevention - A tint can considerably cut down the amount of sun glare that a driver and other occupants experience on the road. Aside from being horribly annoying, glare can also present a hazard. When glare is reduced, safety gets a boost.
  • Insulation - RV window tint can play a huge part in keeping heat from building up inside the vehicle. Insulation helps to minimize heat transfer, but darkened windows keep heat and UV rays out.
  • Privacy - If you spend a lot of time in highly populated campgrounds with your RV, it might be prudent to tint the windows. Many window tints make it harder for passers-by to see inside your vehicle but easy for drivers to see out.
  • Safety - Valuables are less visible to people walking by when windows are dark. This can be a boon to solo travelers, too, who may enjoy a feeling of safety as they camp alone. The tinted windows also give them the benefit of privacy, as other campers can’t see into their rig.

What's the Best Way To Get RV Windows Tinted?

There are a number of options available to anyone looking to get their RV windows tinted, such as:

  • Carbon Window Film - If you want your windows tinted, this type of film has carbon particles to make them darker. The particles are not metallic, so cellphone service won't get interrupted.
  • Ceramic Window Film - This tinting film uses ceramic particles that, aside from being non-metallic, give windows structural integrity.
  • Photochromic Film - Photochromic film is a premium tinting option for any vehicle’s windows, most notably RVs. While some varieties of tinting are only ideal for warm weather and last as little as a few months, the photochromic film actually darkens when exposed to sunlight and returns to clear when it isn’t. 


Some people are on the fence when it comes to RV window tints. In truth, there are plenty of benefits to using these tints. Most notable among them all are improvements in privacy and safety.

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