Car Care: 8 Telltale Signs That Your Car Got a Bad Tint Job

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Owning a car is highly beneficial because you don't have to deal with common commuting issues, such as cramped public transport or inconsistent schedules. For this reason, all prospective car owners take their time looking for the perfect car and customize it to suit their needs. There are many ways of doing this, such as applying window tint.

Window tinting is typically done to reduce glare and heat from the sun and increase privacy. By extension, it also improves the car's look by giving it a more stylish and uniform appearance. Many service centers offer window tinting services, and the process is relatively quick and easy. However, not all window tinting services are created equal; you may not know if you got a lousy service until it's too late. For this reason, one must know the common signs of a terrible car window tinting job, such as:

#1 - Visible Uneven Lines

Window tints are applied by rolling the tint onto the window and then smoothing it out. If done correctly, the tint should be seamless and even, with no visible lines or bubbles. If you notice uneven lines in your tint job, it's a sign that the job was not done correctly, and you will need to get it redone.

#2 - Peeling Edges

The edges of the window tint should be firmly attached to the window frame. If you start to see the edges of the tint peeling away from the window frame, it's a sign that the tint was not installed correctly. This can be caused by improper window cleaning before the tint was applied or by using a low-quality tint.

#3 - Debris Stuck between Window and Film

If you notice dirt, dust, or other debris trapped between the window and the tint, it's a sign that the installer did not properly clean the window before applying the tint. This debris can cause bubbles and lines in the tint, so you must ensure the window is properly cleaned before applying the tint.

#4 - Purple Hue

If the window tint has a purple hue, it's a sign that it was not applied correctly or is of low quality. Poorly installed tints can cause a purple hue due to light reflection, while low-quality tints can cause a purple hue due to a chemical reaction between the tint and the window.

#5 - Bubbles, Bridges, and Ridges

Bubbles, bridges, and ridges in the window tint indicate that the tint was not installed correctly. Air pockets cause these in the tint, which can be caused by improper cleaning of the window or not allowing enough time for the tint to dry before installation.

#6 - Failure to Stick to the Dot Matrix

The dot matrix is a pattern of dots on the vehicle’s window that helps guide the installer when applying the window tint. If the tint fails to adhere to the dot matrix, it can cause visible lines and streaks that are difficult to remove. This indicates that the installer did not follow the dot matrix correctly or properly install the tint.

#7 - Bubbles around the Defroster Bars

Like the dot matrix, the defroster bars are a series of raised lines across the rear window. When applying the tint, the installer must be careful not to create air bubbles around these bars. If there are bubbles, it indicates that the tint was not correctly applied, and the installer needs to use a squeegee and heat gun to remove the bubbles.

#8 - The Interior Stays Warm

Of course, the most common sign your car got a bad tint job is if your vehicle's interior doesn't stay as cool as you'd like. Tinting helps reduce the heat that enters your vehicle, and if it's not applied correctly, you won't get the same level of protection. As such, the tint job wasn't done correctly if your vehicle's interior is still warm.


Window tinting is crucial for any vehicle to protect the interior from harmful UV rays and keep the car cool in hot weather. The job may be relatively straightforward, but you should hire a professional. When you do, your car will benefit from a quality tint job that will last and provide the desired level of protection.

Cen Cal Tinting provides top-quality services for window tinting in Fresno. We use the best tinting materials with a lifetime warranty to ensure your car gets privacy for an affordable price. Visit our website today to request a quote!

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