This Is What a Poor Tint Job Looks Like

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Your car’s window tint should look simple and neat, yet appealing all at the same time. Excellent tinting jobs showcase a well-fastened tint film, no gaps or bubbles, no signs of peeling, and a reduction in solar heat and UV radiation inside the vehicle. Unfortunately, this may not be the case for everyone!

You might be here because you’ve spent a ton of money on window tint only to have been deeply disappointed with the results. Perhaps your bad tint job looks purple, odd, low-quality, and shoddy workmanship. If you’re unsure, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to discover what a poor tint job really looks like (and why you shouldn’t settle!).

The Holes and the Gaps

Examine your tinted windows from a 5-foot distance. If you see any holes, lines, and cracks,  you probably had a poor tint job done by an untrained specialist. These lines and spaces indicate that tint was applied hastily and haphazardly.

The Violet Hue

If the tint on your car's windows looks like a purple permanent marker line in the daylight, the tinting work was done incorrectly. A violet or purple tint is produced by low-quality, inexpensively dyed tint film. 

Because the color is not incorporated but rather dyed with multiple colors, some of which flash through, cheaper tint materials and adhesives turn out to be purple.

The Noticeable Debris beneath the Film

Hair, grit, or lint between your tint film and the glass suggests careless installation and insufficient preparation. It can also harm windows. Debris on the window's surface prevents the tint from bonding properly, resulting in bubbles, cracks, and peeling.

The Blisters, Bubbles, and Ridges

Visible blisters, bubbles, and ridges in your car’s window tint mean it was poorly done and incorrectly applied. They won’t disappear and are likely caused by low-quality film adhesive or faulty installation.

The Warm Car Interior

On a hot day, drive your car and record the temperature inside. If it gets too warm, you may have used a low-cost tint film that is colored for aesthetics rather than protection. The majority of quality window tint films should filter UV rays, which keeps your car cooler during hot days.

The Peeling Borders

Peeling is caused by insufficient tint adhesive or an old film that is not well attached to the glass. Eventually, this will continue to curl and peel, as well as invite pests and debris to scratch and damage your window.

The Unpleasant Defroster Bar

The front and rear windshield defroster bars, like the dot matrix windows, are textured and elevated. If the window tint is not tightly pressed against these bars, gaps and bubbles emerge, causing the tint to pucker. If you detect bubbles along the defrost lines on any window, have the tinting corrected before the glass clouds up.

So, What Now?

If the work was poor, take photos and contact the company right away. They might be able to help you if it was due to an error or inexperience. If the problem is caused by low-quality tint film or shoddy installation, request a refund, even if it is partial, and schedule your service with a reputable tint shop.


It goes without saying that you should simply not settle for bad service! If you've had a terrible tint job done, go to a different and more reliable team. Make sure you work only with professional tint technicians, even if their rates are higher. After all, your car is your investment!

Are you in need of car window tinting in Madera, CA? Cen Cal Tinting is your go-to car tinting shop to handle all your needs. Get your car serviced by our professional team today!

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