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Once you've decided to get your vehicle tinted, your search begins. From reading online reviews to browsing tint shop sites, you want to know who can do the best tint for the best price. A popular option for many tint professionals is mobile window tinting, where tint professionals come to you and do the tint in your driveway. 

Instead of travelling to the tint shop, mobile window tint professionals come to you. This saves you even more time than traditional done-for-you tinting services. Often, mobile tinting is the choice for people who have a busy schedule and don't want another thing on their to-do list. 

Then there's the tint shops, where tint professionals take care of your tint in their garage. So which should you choose: mobile window tinting vs. tint shop?

Why Mobile Window Tinting Service Is Helpful

Obviously, both a tint shop and mobile tinting service offer tinting that's done for you - which saves you time. However, mobile tint professionals come to your home or workplace and tint your car for you. 

Mobile window tint installation saves you a drive and the awkward wait at the tint shop while your car is tinted. 

When mobile window tint installers come to your home, you can talk with them in a more relaxed setting than your local tint shop.

Choose A Local Window Tint Shop For Best Results

There are great mobile window tint professionals out there! But, the reality is that a tint shop offers tint professionals more workspace control. As we apply the tint film on automobiles, it's important that the area we're working in is clean and as dust-free as possible. This prevents particles and dust from getting trapped as we're tinting your automobile windows. 

As a result, we're able to provide a truly outstanding tint film that doesn't bubble or look crooked when we're done. Contact Cen Cal Tinting if you'd like us to get a superior tint on your auto windows. We also tint commercial windows, boat windows, and residential home windows. Or, if you'd like to truly customize your automobile, ask about our auto restyling service options. In addition to window tinting services, we offer paint protection films, branded business car wraps, and chrome deletes. 

From our mobile window tinting service to our other auto restyling services, Cen Cal Tinting provides the superior quality that you need. Ultimately, we want you to have a beautiful vehicle that fits your personal style.

Should you choose mobile tinting or tint shop?

While searching for a window tint shop near you, you'll undoubtedly come across both shops and mobile tint professionals. Which should you choose: mobile tinting vs. tint shop?

Well, here's some quick considerations to keep in mind while you pick between mobile tinting or tint shop:

Pros of mobile tinting

  • Mobile tint services have less overhead, so they're more affordable.
  • Mobile tint installers come to your location, so you save drive time.
  • Tint installers arrive with the tools they need to tint windows.

Downsides of mobile tinting

  • Mobile tint pros are often just starting, so they aren't experienced (this isn't always true though)
  • Tinting experts must be mobile and lack the room for specialized tools.
  • You may need to clear out an area for the tint professional before they arrive. 

What are the benefits of getting a window tint?

Tinted windows offer many benefits for automobile owners. Getting window tint installed on your automobile gives you privacy that can protect your belongings while it's parked. 

Also, tinted windows reduce the sun's glare through your windows, keeping your seats safe from harmful sun exposure. When your car's interior is left exposed to the sun, your seats can become cracked and faded. A good tint, however, will keep your seats out of the sun so they stay in great condition.

Is mobile tint as good as a tint shop?

One of the main concerns for mobile window tint installations is the workspace. One of the main concerns for mobile window tint installations is the workspace. Since mobile window tint installs are done at your location, there's less control over things like dust and cleanliness. 

When professional tint installers do a tint job at your home or workplace, they will put up a small tent around your car. This keeps the wind away from them as they install tint films on your windows.

A clean work area is very important to getting a good tint on your car. A mobile window tint professional can determine whether a spot is clean enough to perform a window tint. 

How do tinted windows get scratched?

There are many reasons why your tint can start to peel or look scratched. For example, a seatbelt that's taken off roughly can hit the windows and cause chips and scratches in your window tint film. 

Also, dust and debris can accumulate under the window's weather stripping. This debris will rub against the surface of the tint film as you roll windows up or down, causing scratches in your tinted window.

You should never wipe tinted windows with a paper towel since certain materials and fabrics can scratch the tint.

How can I find a good window tint professional?

Once you've decided to get your windows tinted, the next step is to find a great window tint professional. Here are some tricks to find the best tint professional in your area:

  • Ask friends and family: If they've got tinted windows, they can recommend a tint shop (and tell you where NOT to go)
  • Look at previous window tint jobs: Most tint professionals post pictures of their work on their website and social media. 
  • Read their customer reviews: Customer reviews are a great way to learn about how a tint professional operates and treats people.
  • Visit their tint shop: When you've narrowed down your options, leave the computer behind and visit a tint shop in person. Find a tint professional and ask about their prices, tint films, and any other questions.

Is mobile window tinting a profitable business?

Window tinting is one of the easiest forms of aftermarket customization. Because it's the most affordable customization, most car owners tint their windows before doing other upgrades on their car.

A typical window tint shop will usually do between 4-10 cars per day. If a tint shop charges $225 for a window tint job, it can bring in between $900 and $2,250 daily.

Often, tint professionals will offer mobile window tinting as they're starting up or even when they're established, as a cost-cutting measure.

How do you clean tinted windows?

Before cleaning your tinted windows, you should wait for your window tint film to settle. Tint films usually take between 7-30 days, depending on the climate.

When you're ready to clean tinted windows, use a rubber squeegee or cotton cloth. Then, choose a cleaner without ammonia that's made specifically for cleaning tinted windows. Often, you can clean tinted windows with soapy water

What is the darkest legal tint?

Tint percentages range from 5% to 90% and get darker as you approach zero. The lower number, the darker the tint.

If you want a light tint, a 50% tint percentage will block most sunlight and reduce eye strain and glare. But, you won't have complete darkness on your window.

For a darker tint that still has some visibility, 35% tint percentage offers a stylish and sleek aesthetic for your automobile. 

A 20% window tint percentage is the popular option for a privacy-friendly tint percentage since it deters snoopers. However, you can still see through these tinted windows if you're really close. 

Which windows can I tint in California?

Tint percentages are based on Visible Light Transmission (VLT) and every state has its own limitations and laws about it. 

  • Front windshield: The top portion, known as the "eyebrow", can be tinted but the lower and middle portion must remain tint-free.
  • Front passenger window: By law, you can only get an aftermarket window tint of 88%. But, you can combine factory tints to get 70%.
  • Back & rear passenger windows: There are currently no window tint percentage limits on these windows since they don't impact the driver.
  • Dual side mirrors: If your rear window is tinted, you must have dual side mirrors so you have a clear view behind your car.
  • Color restrictions: You cannot use blue, amber, or red window tints, even on your side windows. You may use other tint colors, however.

What are the rules on window tint certifications?

When you get tinted windows, you'll receive a window tint certification with the address and name clearly visible. Drivers must present this certificate when asked by law enforcement. Often, you'll get a sticker and display on car windows.

Is tint bad for your car?

There are no known downsides to tinted windows other than you simply do not like the look. Most tint professionals offer tint removal services.

Can you roll down tinted windows?

After tinting your windows, you should avoid rolling down your windows for at least four days. If you roll down your window before the tint film has time to set, the film could peel off. Not all tint film works on every glass type. Reinstalling the tint can cost twice as much as the original tint install.

Can you use windshield wipers on tinted windshield windows?

Since tint films are installed on the outside of your windows, you can use your windshield wipers after getting your windshield tinted. Be careful to avoid using any abrasives on your tinted windows for at least 4 days. Otherwise, you can scrape the tint film off of your newly tinted windows.

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Our tint installers have years of experience and have tinted windows on hundreds of cars throughout Fresno County. When we started, we offered mobile window tinting services. But, as we've grown, we have moved into a dedicated, local tint shop located here in Fresno County. Working out of a tint shop allows us to offer great service, a clean workspace, and excellent tinting results. Oh, and did we mention our tinting warranty...?

TintShieldPro™ is our unbeatable lifetime warranty that gives you total peace of mind when we tint your windows. No other local tint shop in Fresno, CA has this! When you're ready to get tinted windows that fit your style, call our tinting pros!

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